At what point do I Quit Medium?

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Ok, let’s just jump right into the “facts.” I am not the best writer, but I love to write. I barely get any internal views on any of my medium articles but I continue to write. I watch the stats like a hawk for weeks and sometimes months after I post only to see the numbers NEVER climb but I continue to write. Ugh, at what point do I give up on Medium?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately and yet here I am once again… Writing.

Every time I am about to give up I catch myself thinking ONE MORE, one more and maybe something will come out of it. ONE MORE and maybe it will relate to those reading it. ONE MORE and maybe it will get picked up and curated. ONE MORE and it will all be worth it. But when is my last ONE MORE?

At what point does a Business model become a Hobby? Or was this always just a hobby in the first place? I have made a whopping $4 here on medium, and honestly I’ll be shocked if I ever make more and yet here I am writing, writing in the hopes to hit big. In the hopes to hop on here tomorrow and see that my work (my very mediocre work) has been seen, heard, and appreciated.

So Why am I Here? Well, because a wise pinterest quote once told me that “If anyone tells me that my dreams are crazy to remember that there is a Millionaire walking around who invented the FUCKING POOL NOODLE” That’s Why!

Will I wake up tomorrow and Hit it Big? Pshhhh I doubt it, but you bet your ass I’ll be checking every 5 minutes to see.

Stay at home Mom & Entrepreneur

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