Not advice, Just experience!

Insert tik tok trend : “Don’t do it girl” “I’m not going to do it girl, I’m just thinking about it” BAM… “I did it.”


Before I started I did loads of research. Brad Mondo, a famous hair stylist YouTuber being my number one resource.


a memoir

I always thought I’d have all my kids before I’m 30 and then 28 hit and I was like “Oh crap”

After 3 years of marriage that’s when we decided “ok we better get on it.”

I knew I wanted to be a mom I just never really felt that…

I Finally got curated again

My latest curated post was a total flop. I started writing on this platform in 2020. Like many, the pandemic sparked a new interest in writing for me. It’s been fun. It’s also been frustrating. Mostly, it’s been confusing and I don’t understand any of it. …

Shelly Mettling

Writing for fun!

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